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Introduction to Psychology

Students participating in the Intro to Psychology class will learn about different theories, practices, and scientific research conducted on human behavior.  We will examine the origins and history of psychology as well as the various approaches to psychology.  Students will become knowledgeable about the many different divisions of psychology such as General Psychology, Child/Adolescent Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Behavioral Psychology, Family Psychology, Exercise and Sports Psychology, the Study of Addictions and other areas that the class would like to explore.  Throughout the year we will discuss difficulties individuals have with daily living, such as anxiety, depression, SAD (seasonal affect disorder), etc. and how psychology plays a part in helping the person, as a whole, with learning to live with these struggles and how we can support our family, friends, co-workers, who experience these issues.
*This class is for full time Eagle Learning Center students only.
*This class is for full-time Eagle Learning Center students only.