Finishing High School Online


The Oregon Eagle Learning Center offers full-time, tuition-free online high school courses to students in Northwest Ohio. These online courses are supervised by experienced teachers, meet all city and state standards, and can be accessed at home or on-site in our classrooms located in Oregon, Ohio.

Our teachers help students explore essential subjects, meet all of their high school diploma requirements, and build a solid foundation for their futures.

Credit Ahead

With our Credit Ahead Program, you can finish high school early, take advanced classes that qualify for college credit, and more.

Credit Recovery

Whether you’ve been unsuccessful in required courses or had to take an extended leave of absence from school, OELC’s Credit Recovery Program will get you back on track so you can graduate on time, with your class.

High School Diploma

No matter why you were unable to graduate from a traditional high school, you still have the opportunity to earn a real high school diploma—for free—through Eagle Learning Center’s online High School Diploma program.

College Credit Plus

Students may benefit by participating in college-level courses offered by accredited colleges and universities in Ohio while enrolled at Eagle Learning Center.

Career Planning

Our Career Planning Program will guide you through the process of determining your interests, aligning them with your skills, and finding your future career path.

For more information about any of our education programs, call 419-720-2003 today.