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Success Stories

At the Oregon Eagle Learning Center, our main focus is to provide free, real, quality education for full-time high school students (between the ages of 16-21) who have fallen behind in their required credits, have difficulty with the traditional high school setting, or have dropped out of school and now realize the importance of a high school education.

“I control my future.” – OELC motto

OELC’s innovative approach allows our high school students to maximize their full potential in and out of the classroom. Our teachers keep students engaged while providing flexibility for work and family commitments. We empower students to reach their academic goals while also pursuing their own interests, part-time jobs, internships, athletics and more.

January 2020

Nine students have completed 1 or more courses in the month of January 2020!
Congratulations to the following students:

  1. Patrick Coutcher – 1 course
  2. Paul Elizondo – 3 courses
  3. Hailey Hame – 1 course
  4. Edward Pizana – 1 course
  5. Dora Rodela – 1 course
  6. Kimberly Summey – 2 courses
  7. Bryan Tuttle – 1 course
  8. Brittney Willams – 2 courses
  9. Lily Worden – 1 course

Graduation Success Stories

Since 2006, the Oregon Eagle Learning Center has played a vital role in the academic success of more than 130 students. Here are some of our featured students who have achieved not only their high school diploma through OELC, but have had personal successes in their lives:


Sadie Morris

Fall of 2016

Sadie Morris will graduate in the fall of 2016. She came to OELC in January of 2014 with just 3 credits.  After she finishes her last class this fall, she will have completed 18 credits with us to complete the requirements for her high school diploma. In the midst of finishing her high school education, she has been working a full-time job to help her family financially. Sadie never misses a day and works very hard while she is here. After graduation, she plans on going to college to pursue a career of working with students with disabilities or in elder care.


Amber Taylor

Spring of 2016

Amber Taylor graduated from OELC with her high school diploma in the spring of 2016. She enrolled at ELC in August of 2014 with 11 credits and completed 10.5 credits with us. In addition to working hard to finish her education, Amber worked a full-time job and raised her 20-month old daughter. Amber hopes to become a nurse and plans on continuing her education at either Owens or Mercy.

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