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Child Development

In this class students learn about the stages of physical, mental, and behavioral development of a child. Class is taught through lecture, videos, and hands on experiences. Beginning with conception students learn about the changes the male and female body goes through each month in order for conception to occur. Then students learn about all the changes that a female’s body goes through during the nine months of pregnancy, as well as, the physical changes to the embryo/fetus during that time before birth. We learn about Lamaze and the various ways to prepare for birth and then learn about the entire birthing process. Students are exposed to various videos on this topic. Afterwards, students learn how to care for an infant through hands on experiences. Each student is given the opportunity to learn how to bath, diaper, feed, and interact with a small child. Once the birthing process curriculum is completed, the class focuses intently on learning about the physical and mental development of a child as it occurs for an infant, toddler, and preschooler.

*All Eagle Learning Center students are welcome to attend this class. You do not need to have any experience with a child to attend.
*This class is offered to full-time Eagle Learning Students only