Free Online High School

Are you between the ages of 16-21 and looking to finish your high school education and earn your diploma? Do you want to reach your highest potential? Would you like to learn at your own pace with flexible hours? Do you want to learn skills that will help you in life?

Eagle Learning Center is the place for you.

Department of Education and Workforce has awarded Eagle Learning Center an overall Exceeds Standards award

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Whether you’re hoping to complete high school early or you’re unable to continue in a traditional school environment, Eagle Learning Center can help you reach your goal of finishing high school and earning your diploma.

Eagle Learning Center offers full-time, tuition-free online high school courses to students in Northwest Ohio. It is a comprehensive educational program for grades 9-12. These free online courses are supervised by experienced teachers, meet all city and state educational standards, and can be accessed at home or in our classrooms located in Oregon, Ohio.

All classes are free of charge for full-time students, and we offer flexible scheduling.

Credit Recovery Program

If you’ve fallen behind and need to catch up to remain in a traditional school environment, we offer credit recovery classes to put you back on the path to on-time graduation. (Applicable fees apply for credit recovery coursework.) Learn more about the Credit Recovery Program here.

Classroom Elective Programs

Eagle Learning Center also offers life skills classes with online and hands-on instruction in:

  • Child Development
  • Psychology
  • Employability
  • Keyboarding

Now is the time to take control of your future with the Oregon Eagle Learning Center.

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