Children’s Hearing & Vision Program

The Children’s Hearing and Vision program sets the screening requirements and guidelines for school-based preschool and K-12 schools. The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) sets the requirements for what grades are routinely screened each year; what equipment is acceptable to use; what specific hearing and vision tests are needed to perform the screenings; and the referral criteria. Schools providing medical services are required to screen school-aged students for hearing and vision.

Children who do not pass school hearing and vision screenings should be referred for follow-up care. ODH stresses that hearing and vision screening, while a valuable public health procedure, is not a substitute for a professional examination.

The Children’s Hearing and Vision program is a program of early detection, diagnosis and treatment of children with hearing and vision problems. In addition to providing school-screening standards, the program conducts statewide annual reporting of hearing and vision screening programs and provides training for people who do screenings.


During the school year, Eagle Learning Center provides vision and/or hearing screening to students  in grades 9 and 11.  We are also screening students in daily high noise environments every year for hearing. You will only receive notification if your child does not pass the screening according to guidelines set by the Ohio Department of Health. All students new to the school will be assessed.

Screenings for School Year 2023-2024 will be conducted in February 2024.