Finishing High School Online

Credit Recovery

Have you fallen behind in high school courses?
Were you unable to finish required course work and need to catch up?

Eagle Learning Center’s Credit Recovery Program gives high school students an opportunity to catch up on the credits they need and stay on track for on-time graduation. It’s kind of like summer school, but it’s available whenever you need it, all from the comfort of your home.

A home computer with reliable internet access is required.

The Credit Recovery Program meets the State of Ohio’s standards and requirements for graduation. Available courses consist of full and half-credit classes in all key academic areas to meet your individual needs. Once a student has successfully completed an on-site final exam, the official grade and transcript will be sent to their school.

Fees for the classes in the Credit Recovery Program are $150.00 per semester credit.

To enroll in the Credit Recovery Program:

  • Print the registration form here, complete with counselor’s signature.
    • Mail completed form to:
    • Eagle Learning Center
      3540 Seaman Rd., Ste B
      Oregon, OH 43616
  • After registration and orientation, you’ll receive instructions to access the program onto your home computer.
    Students will have 24/7 access to complete the required coursework at their own pace.
  • Take final exam at site