Online Free High School


Oregon Eagle Learning Center is a computer-based high school, sponsored by the Ohio School Sponsor. Established in the fall of 2006, this conversion or charter school was founded for those individuals, ages 16-21, who have fallen behind in their required credits, have difficulty with the traditional high school setting, or dropped out of school and now realize the importance of a high school education.

Our curriculum is provided through the Gradpoint program of Pearson Digital Learning, and it meets all the Ohio state standards. The center also offers students the opportunity to earn elective credits through its employability program.

Completion of the necessary credits will lead to an Eagle Learning Center high school diploma. “I control my future” is our motto. To date, 216 individuals have successfully taken control of their future and earned their diploma.

“This is one of the best examples that I have seen of a community school having a positive effect on students.”

– Ron Heitmeyer, Ohio Department of Education 2008 State Review