as of 11/10/2020

                 Zero Student Cases

                 Zero Staff Cases

                 Reporting Instances of COVID-19 Policy


For the safety of our students and staff, we have adopted several steps of procedure:
1) Face masks will be REQUIRED to be worn at all times for all students/staff
2) Upon arrival, parents/guardians who drop off their student will be asked to stay in the parking lot until your student has had his/her temperature taken upon arrival. If your student is running a fever, he/she will need to be taken home.
3) As you line up to enter the school building to sign-in for your session, you will be asked to keep 6 feet apart from one another, which will require some of you to stay outside or remain in your car until we can sign you in.
4) Social distancing will be in place with ‘traffic pattern’ established within the school building
5) Students will be assigned seats (determined by the students on day one)
6) Remote Learning for the students as requested will be available
**Please bear with us and remain patient as we are ALL trying to navigate these new protocols.
Mr. Joe Wasserman, Director/Superintendent