Finishing High School Online

Credit Recovery FAQ

  1. Your final exam must be taken at the Eagle Learning Center site.
  2. The final exam solely determines your grade for the course.
  3. You do not need to schedule a time to take the final. Just come during our regularly scheduled hours. The final must be completed by the scheduled closing time.
  4. You may take the final as many times as you wish until you pass the test.
  5. A transcript will be sent by mail from our school to yours after you have passed the final. The score sent will be the percentage you earned on your final exam. The transcript will take up to 2 weeks to get to your school.
  6. You may use your notes on the final exam.
  7. If you score below 70% on a post-test on the first attempt, you will automatically be allowed a second attempt. If you score below 70% again, you will not be allowed to move forward without teacher intervention. At that point go to the Communicate tab at the top, click Send Mail, indicate that you need assistance with your post test and hit Send. A teacher will respond shortly.
  8. You cannot move onto the next module until you pass the posttest with a minimum of 70%. You cannot skip chapters or complete modules out of order.
  9. Once material has been viewed, you can go back and review that material at any time.
  10. You cannot take the final exam until all modules are complete.