Credit Ahead

Each high school today has different graduation requirements. Some schools also offer students the opportunity to earn college credits while enrolled in high school, but the available classes vary depending on the school and available instructors. And with the rise of Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered across the country, some students are able to test out of freshman-level college courses and begin their first year of higher education as a sophomore.

Our Credit Ahead program allows high school students to complete their state-required high school curriculum early and use their senior year as an opportunity to earn college credit, without the added pressure of a full high school course load. Acquiring early-admissions credits can help these students and their families defray some of the costs of a college degree.

In other cases, students may find that high school no longer presents an academic challenge. Credit Ahead gives these students an opportunity to complete their high school curriculum at a faster pace and begin their college coursework sooner.

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